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How we got started

2007 we started riding on a Sunday ride. We would also ride in smaller groups on other days of the week. However, the majority of the group would ride on Sundays. We were individual people who got together to ride. The club started as a predominantly black cycling club hoping to promote and expand the sport of cycling in the black community.   The club has now expanded beyond its original goal and is a club without barriers that welcomes everyone. At the end of the 2007 riding season the rides had become very popular. It soon became obvious that there was a need and an interest in organizing so that the group could be impactful.  A core group of people decided to form a committee called the "Keep it moving committee." The committee's call to arm was "Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success".  A quote from Henry Ford.  This was the motivation needed for the committee to meet; determined to have an organized structure before the beginning of the 2008 riding season.  

The First Officers

The first officers of the organization were elected in 2008. The club embarked on promoting the club and a healthy lifestyle. The club also emerged as a driving force in the Dayton community by participating and hosting community service events such as, helping with the Dayton Habitat for Humanity annual Ride and Build; Providing speakers to discuss Major Taylor and cycling; volunteering with the Dayton Dragons Baseball  bike valet; bike rodeos for Dayton Public Schools; Helmet giveaways and bike repair and maintenance for Dayton Public School students;  our members  representing the club worked with the City of Dayton cycle committee and were instrumental in the formation of the organization now known as "Bike Miami Valley; members representing the club also served on the Dayton Mayors Committee for a bike friendly city; club provided input to the metro park system regarding the structure , repair and creation  of new and existing bike paths Bike to Work days; Miami Valley Regional planning Commission Bike light distribution project.

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Riding Along

The committee worked over the winter and accomplished the first by-laws of the organization, obtained an IRS designation as an "Association", opened bank accounts, designed the club riding jersey and shorts; created the mantra "Live well ride free" and the club's original mission statement.  The current mission statement was not the original mission statement.

The Signature Ride

In 2008, the Club sponsored the first "Signature Ride" to promote cycling and helping to promote non-profit organizations in the community. This project was historical; it represented the first ever event in which a predominantly black cycling club accomplished such an event.

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