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Major Taylor Cycling Club of Dayton is an organization whose purpose is to promote cycling to novice, intermediate, and advanced riders, focusing on skill development, safety, physical fitness, and training.

Group Ride Calendar

To help with ride planning and for fun, we have categorized most rides based on average mph: 


AA =22+ mph; A=18 to 21 mph; B=15 to 18 mph; C=12 to 15 mph; D=9 to 12 mph 

A note about group rides:  Major Taylor Cycling Club of Dayton is a strong proponent of cyclists riding in groups.  All group rides in Dayton are structured to allow cyclists with similar skills to ride within a group setting.  Most groups will stop and wait for riders with announced mechanical problems.  On group rides, participants normally wait for slower riders at spots throughout the route.  All posted ride speeds are based on objective mph averages for the rides.  The group speeds are monitored and may be changed up or down based on actual results. 

Latest Riders on Strava


In addition to our great weekly rides, we also host or join special rides and events that are posted on the Major Taylor Dayton Meetup site and calendar.


 Join us today!

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